Delhi Sightseeing

Why you should visit New Delhi in the coming 2014 winters

The state of Delhi has been the power house of India for more than 5000 years. It has seen the glory of Pandawas, Maurayas, Chauhans, Mughals and in the last century the Britishers. Today Delhi is the capital of The Republic of India.

More than 10,000 land of New Delhi airport from all over the world and to assist these business and leisure travellers I have prepared a small post which contains all the information which a tourist seeks. This post contains details on sightseeing, local markets, accommodation options, local transportation and places to explore around Delhi. So let’s start.

1. Sightseeing Options

India gate

There us so much to see in Delhi that it you need to have at least 3 complete days to explore Delhi. So on day 1 you can pay a visit to India Gate, The Parliament house, Rail Museum and Nehru Planetarium. All of these are situated in the Central Delhi part so it will be a but easy to you to commute.

On Day 2 you can explore the destinations of the old Delhi. This includes Red Fort, Raj Ghat and Chandni Chowk. The so called old Delhi was once the capital of Mughal Empire and today it’s the heritage part of the city. Old Delhi is not just a place to explore, but it’s a place to understand the culture of the city.

On Day 3 I will suggest you to visit the destinations of Southern Delhi. Well to be honest I am more familiar with this part because I own a 2 star hotel in south Delhi. Thus I spend most of my time exploring Qutab Minar, Lotus temple and Lodhi garden. Out of these 3 I love Lotus temple as it offers a sense of communal harmony.

Also have a look at this blog to know more about the places to see in South Delhi.

2. Places to stay in Delhi

Eros Hotel
Eros Hotel

Well after the Delhi Asian Games sand Delhi Commonwealth Games the city has seen the rise on thousands of Hotels and resorts. Well I can’t say that it’s not a good thing as I myself have a nice 2 star hotels and a 50 to 70 people capacity banquet hall in South Delhi. But I can assist you to choose some of the finest hotels in the city.

Check our Eros Hotel in Nehru Place, Broadway hotel in Asif Ali road and Radisson hotel in Mahipalpur, near airport.

Now let’s talk something about shopping.

3. Shopping in Delhi

Shopping Delhi
Shopping Delhi

Well one will be a fool if he or she doesn’t do any type of shopping in Delhi. As I have mentioned earlier about Chandni Chowk and let me make it clear. There is no better place than Chandni Chowk in Delhi which can offer a similar type of shopping experience. From shops ranging from 300 years old to modern day Armani showrooms Chandni Chowk is a place to be in Old Delhi.

But apart from Chandni Chowk once must explore the modern day malls like Select city walk which is very close from my hotel in Southern Delhi, 2 twin malls in Tagore garden and the marked of Connaught Place. All these are some of the finest markets in the city.

4. Transportation in the Capital

Delhi Sightseeing
Delhi Sightseeing

New Delhi is one of those cities which have the highest number of vehicles on the road. If you combine to vehicles of Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, New Delhi has more. So before reaching Delhi some prior information about the local transportation will be a wise thing.

For sightseeing I always suggest the HOHO Delhi Bus ( This bus service was started during the Commonwealth Games in Delhi and now it’s a perfect option to explore Delhi in one single day. But if you want to explore Delhi at your own pace then this service is not for you. Then you should reserve some local taxi service and for than I will suggest Man Tours. They are the no 1 taxi service in Delhi.

5. Places to see around Delhi


New Delhi is a huge metropolitan in itself. But today we call the capital as New Delhi / NCR. This NCR part includes 2 of the finest cities in India and they are Noida and Gurgaon. Both of them are planed cities are divided properly in sectors. Noida is famous as it has the Noida film city which is the hub of India news channels like NDTV, Aaj tak, AVB News etc and Gurgaon is famous as it has some of the finest luxury resorts, shopping malls like Metropolitan, Multi-million companies and my favourite theme park in North India. Fun and food village. So do add an extra day in your Delhi sightseeing package and visit Noida and Gurgaon.