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Some popular tourist destinations in Indian Capital

Last month we visited a 3 star hotels in South Delhi and was offered a good discount. So I decided to share the hotel name and services with our readers.

They best part of this accommodation was that we were personally accompanied by Mr Sharma, owner of Hotel GTC in his Toyota (seriously, Delhi people love Toyota) and we explored the complete south Delhi with him.

Here is the blog – tourist places in delhi, so we should stop ourselves when he mailed is for a guest post opportunity. So friends, without delaying me Craig and my pal, Pauly present you a nice post on South Delhi Tourist Attractions.


Lotus Temple

There is one god but we call him with different names and sometimes fight for that particular name. This philosophy is clearly visible around the world but in my Delhi we have an amazing complex which opens it door for just humans and try to offer a meaningful explanation that we are first human than something else. So just visit Lotus temple and sit here for few minutes and your will feel light. Plus if you are always welcome to my Hotel GTC in South Delhi and very close to Lotus temple.


Qutub Minar is present in Delhi for more than 1000 years and was 1st a place which reminds the locals about the glorious age of Gupta Empire. But when the Islamist attachers started moving towards North India, Qutub Minar was built when the complete or most of the Northern India was under Islamic rule and this minar (tower) was build oner many Hindu temples.

But today we the locals, don’t remember Qutub minar as a vistory symbol but as a green place where almost 1000’s of Delhi tourists visit to explore the beauty of the historic structure. On Qutub Minar, my personal thoughts are

just leave the past and enjoy future.


Okay its almost impossible to think that a Delhi tourist will skip shopping. As Delhi has some famous shopping destination but I am only talking about South Delhi so I will only talk about South Delhi shopping destinations. There is nothing bigger than Select City Walk when it comes to shopping. From multi national brands like Sony, Apple, Bose to ethnic Indian brands like Raymonds, Tata etc


ITC Maruya

Though I have a nice Lounge in all of my hotel but I don’t hesitate to say that ITC Maurya is the best restaurant in South Delhi. If you are not aware of ITC, than you should have a look at this link- ITC Hotels. Bukhara is famous for its Tandoori Chicken and my favourite salty Lassi. The destination is a bit expensive than normal south Delhi restaurants but every penny spend here is worthy.


The Oberoi, New Delhi is the very best and most expensive accommodation option in South Delhi. It has almost every thing which a luxury accommodation seeker wants. The price is high but so is the amenities. So if you can afford the stay than book it. And with this point I will end this post. Hope it was useful for you.


Finally, I will suggest all traveller friends to visit Delhi from the month of August to February as these are monsoon and winter season and climate is quite comfortable. For flights and more hotel accommodation options I will suggest and as they are the top 2 online travel agency in India. And if you want to taste the best spicy cuisine of Delhi than check websites like Zomato and Timescity.

But the most inportant part. Just enjoy your stay in Delhi and do write travel blogs about your experience.