Places to visit near Jaipur which are under 200 Kms

If you are looking for leisure trips near Jaipur so that you can avail a one-day return to Jaipur, this post is the ideal guide for you. If you want to spend a day out with your family and friends and again come back to Jaipur the same day, read this article to know more.

Bhangarh Fort

bhangarh fort

The Bhangarh Fort is located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan near the border of the Sariska Reserve. It is just around 2 hours drive from Jaipur. If you start very early from Jaipur, by 9 am in the morning, you will reach the Bhangarh Fort. Spend the entire day in the fort; explore the haunted areas within the fort. The fort was built by Man Singh I for his grandson. The fort is known to be haunted. No one is allowed to remain within the vicinity of the fort after sun down as it is believed to be cursed.



Pushkar, known for its annual livestock fair is just 2 hours drive from Jaipur. It is known for its Lake of the same name and also for the only Brahma Temple of the country. Thousands of people visit Pushkar as a Hindu pilgrimage spot for worshiping Brahma. If you visit Pushkar during the months of October- November, you will be able to witness the spectacle called the annual livestock fair which is one of its kinds in the world. It is a spectacle to behold for sure.

Anther great tour which can visit from Jaipur is Rajasthan tour by car which includes Jaipur, Ajmer & Pushkar and other cities that are in Thar desert like Jaisalmer, Jodhpur etc.

But the most popular road trip from Jaipur has to be golden triangle tour package by car as it covers three amazing cities of Delhi, Agra and pink city Jaipur. Its a four day trip which is very popular among foreigner travelers as they can see Taj Mahal.

Ranthambore and Sariska National Park

The Ranthabore National Park is the biggest national park of Northern India. It is located in the district of Sawai Madhopur and is just around 130 km away from Jaipur. It is one of the former hunting grounds of the royals of Jaipur and is now a major tourist attraction of the state.

Sariska national park on the other hand is one of the most visited national parks of India. It is an excellent wildlife tourism attraction and is also in close proximity from Delhi and Jaipur. It has been converted into a tiger reserve since 1979. Located in the Alwar districts of Rajasthan, the park remains open throughout the year since there are also monuments related to religious sentiments within the park.

Samode Palace

The Samode Palace has been a heritage fort cum hotel that has played host to several celebrities and the royals alike. It is a luxurious hotel located in the Samode village; the hotel will surely spin its magical weaves on you once you step into the premises of the hotel. The hotel is designed with beautiful indo Moghul architecture and will surely blow your mind away with its beautiful décor.

Jamwa Ramgarh

More popularly known as Ramgarh, Jamwa Ramgarh is located within the district of Jaipur around 28 km away from the main city. The city of Ramgarh is best known for its beautiful lake which is actually an artificial lake. It was once the main source of water for the entire city of Jaipur. There is also the Jamwai Mata temple which is located downstream near the Ramgarh Lake.